Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Products! W & C Made in LA, Hand Printed Tanks!

Jonny and I got really ambitious when it came to printing our Made in Los Angeles Venley/Youth Monument tanks. Instead of taking our freshly sewn tanks to a printer, we got all old school with it and printed our tanks by hand. As this was my first time printing anything, let alone doing con mis manos (by hand), I certainly learned to exhibit a great deal of patience and acquired an appreciation for the art of hand printed fabrics/tees/tanks. The process wasn't necessarily grueling so much as time consuming -- and for someone who describes themselves as having little patience in general, it was a test of my mettle.

Despite my irritation that our turnaround time was, ahem, slow, I couldn't help but feel proud of us that we managed to round up supplies from our local Blick's art store, shoot screens, pull screens, and end up with a quality tank made right here in L.A. During the process of laying down emulsion, exposing the screen, and painstakingly coloring negatives onto transparencies (my wrists were a' achin'), I couldn't help but feel like a big ole hippie, furiously printing anti-war fliers or hand-drawn patterns whose intended recipient was a flowing piece of fabric. That sentiment alone, and the resulting tanks we got for W&C, is the magic that is creativity.

Without further ado, here are some hi-res images of the three tanks we created. You can find them for purchase in both our men's and women's sections on the Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. website and in our Etsy shop. Which one is your favorite?

Made in LA

Made in USa


Monica Hunt
Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.

Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.