Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lookbook of Note: Free People Fall 2013

Yesterday W&C Co. received (yes, in the mail) the new +Free People catalogue/lookbook for Fall 2013 and we've never been so enamored with a ready-to-wear collection in the past (although, we will admit that it isn't hard for us to get excited about fall oriented clothes in general). Since we're Angelenos, and people in LA tend to err on the side of Boho-chic, you won't find it surprising that we immediately coveted every single fringed kimono, maxi dress, or oversized fedora Free People expertly placed on their models' pretty little heads and limbs. So dreamy. So good.

Let's take a trip through fashion badassery of the late-60's and -70's viewed through the lens of Free People. If you want to get the full scope of the new lookbook, check out the Free People website. Here are some of our favorites:

All Photos: Free People

Monica Hunt
Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Products! W & C Made in LA, Hand Printed Tanks!

Jonny and I got really ambitious when it came to printing our Made in Los Angeles Venley/Youth Monument tanks. Instead of taking our freshly sewn tanks to a printer, we got all old school with it and printed our tanks by hand. As this was my first time printing anything, let alone doing con mis manos (by hand), I certainly learned to exhibit a great deal of patience and acquired an appreciation for the art of hand printed fabrics/tees/tanks. The process wasn't necessarily grueling so much as time consuming -- and for someone who describes themselves as having little patience in general, it was a test of my mettle.

Despite my irritation that our turnaround time was, ahem, slow, I couldn't help but feel proud of us that we managed to round up supplies from our local Blick's art store, shoot screens, pull screens, and end up with a quality tank made right here in L.A. During the process of laying down emulsion, exposing the screen, and painstakingly coloring negatives onto transparencies (my wrists were a' achin'), I couldn't help but feel like a big ole hippie, furiously printing anti-war fliers or hand-drawn patterns whose intended recipient was a flowing piece of fabric. That sentiment alone, and the resulting tanks we got for W&C, is the magic that is creativity.

Without further ado, here are some hi-res images of the three tanks we created. You can find them for purchase in both our men's and women's sections on the Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. website and in our Etsy shop. Which one is your favorite?

Made in LA

Made in USa


Monica Hunt
Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.

Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Updates: Palm Springs, Online Store, and An Impending Launch of New Shit

Whew. That's one lengthy blog post title. But, we've been busy over here at W & C.

Mostly, we've been masterminding a semi-launch of new goods for our line. In addition to the totes and wallets we've been selling on Etsy (huge thanks to those who have purchased items from us already), we're currently waiting on a an order of tanks from Youth Monument/Venly. What will we be doing with those tanks? Why, we'll be hand screen printing on said tank tops, just in time for summer (or June Gloom if you live in Los Angeles). Also, check out Venly's website to get a better idea of their brand. We're proud to be sourcing materials from this Los Angeles business.

We also went a recent trip to Palm Springs, CA, to soak up some mineral water, photograph desert modern mid-century architecture, and shoot a little mood film for our line. That is currently being edited and will be featured on our website soon. Here is some magic from that desert voyage:

Los Angeles Fashion
The Moorten Botanical Garden Cacti

Los Angeles
A Spanish Outpost 

Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.
Slightly snowcapped mountains of Palm SPrings

And, speaking of websites, Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. has officially launched the e-commerce chapter of it's website. We're still keeping our Etsy store alive because we're aficionados of the hand-made and homespun movement underfoot, but shopping with Whiskey & Cigarettes just got a little easier with this latest addition. Stay tuned for updates of new products to the shop(s).

   Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Iconic LA: Griffith Observatory

Today's post is dedicated to one of our favorite places to bike, hike, picnic, and star gaze: The Griffith Observatory. Angelenos know it as the domed, white, art deco building sticking out of the side of a hill, but "the Observatory" is the place where amateur and professional astronomers congregate to study the skies. In addition to being a bastion of the best science ever and housing a friggin' Tesla Coil, the Griffith Observatory also serves as the backdrop to a very iconic movie: The ending sequence of Rebel Without A Cause. You know, that one movie with this guy in it:

James Dean
Be Still My Heart
The area surrounding the facility includes a network of hiking and biking paths, the Greek Theatre just a mile (give or take) down the road, quiet picnic areas, and breathtaking views of the City of Los Angeles. Inside the observatory you will find a mural resting inside the lobby's rotunda, painted by Hugo Ballin in 1935. A myriad of rooms teach you about the many nuances of the celestial bodies and a Planetarium hosts incredible short films detailing the history of science and other nerdy exploits.

Since we are so enamored with this beautiful, quintessential LA point of interest, we're making it the first post in a series we're calling "Iconic L.A." In this post series, we'll share with you all the places in the City of Los Angeles where we derive every day inspiration for our brand. We'll share the ugly. We'll share the stunning, the beautiful, and we'll show you the mundane. Because, in the end, all of these spots influence and contribute to a certain attitude Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. embodies: The L.A. lifestyle.

James Dean Statue
James Dean Memorial 

Griffith Observatory
Rotunda Mural: History of Science

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

   Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.

Monday, March 18, 2013

They're baaaaaack: Gladiator Sandals

It doesn't seem that long ago when women were strapping gladiator sandals onto their feet, ankles, and calves. Gladiator sandals were the footwear of choice for music festivals, fashionistas, and avid lovers of the sandal when it made its debut in modern fashion many, many years before.  

Okay, maybe the last time we wore gladiator sandals, we were in college and that was almost a decade ago. Since fashion trends have a tendency of repeating themselves every few decades (albeit this trend is making its comeback at warp speed), we weren't entirely sure if we were ready for the Greco-Roman inspired duds. Fortunately, the new incarnation of gladiators are looking pretty sharp by maintaining the conceptual idea of the gladiator sandal while incorporating trends that have been cropping up all over the place: studs, metal and new age shapes.

Here are some of our favorites:


PJ Sandal
Phillip Lim 3.1


Asos shoes
What do you think? Are you ready (again) for gladiator sandals to make a return to you summer shoe rotation?

Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.

Friday, March 15, 2013

W&C: Weekend Edition

Taking a little trip this weekend. Goodbye L.A., hello San Francisco.

San Francisco
Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.