Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making The Change: American Cone Denim

At Whiskey & Cigarettes Co., we're striving to bring fashion lovers the best American made goods possible. As such, we've decided to alter one of our popular accessories -- the Boson Nisshinbo denim and vegan leather pocket wallet. For those of you who don't know, Nisshinbo denim is manufactured in Japan and very popular amongst denim afficionados. From now on, we're discontinuing the use of Nisshinbo denim and making the switch to homegrown, North Carolina Cone Denim.

Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.
Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. - Boson Pocket Wallet
So Why The Switch?

Although we love Nisshinbo denim, we just didn't think it right that Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. use a material that isn't sourced from the USA. Clothing manufacturing jobs have been on a steep decline in our country for the past 45 years or so -- and those jobs weren't just statistics: There are faces, families, and lives behind those numbers. In an effort to really live up to the title of "Made in the USA," we, as company, have to ensure we're using best practices. Honestly, our conscience wouldn't be clear if we didn't know that an item we are selling isn't helping the Made in USA movement or providing jobs to Americans.

About North Carolina Cone Denim

Since 1891, the White Oak Cone Denim Mill in Greenboro, NC has been providing the apparel world with some of the finest denim. Their story is an interesting one and we suggest visiting their website for the full scoop. 

Basically, these guys have been around for so long, that their expertise, craftsmanship, and authenticity is unparalleled. The White Oak denim mill in Greensboro has been producing the same sought after fabrics for well over 100 years. From this gem, we can still get premium vintage denim and not only look good, but contribute to the Made in USA movement.  

Although we'll miss working with Nisshinbo denim, we look forward to getting our hands on some Cone Denim for future projects. Then, Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. will be an American brand through-and-through.  

North Carolina denim
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Whiskey & Cigarettes Co. 

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